Welcome to Vymbol!

I am so honored and thrilled that you are here! It’s already been over 3 years since I had the vision of creating visual tools to support busy families.. Like mine!

We at Vymbol believe in the power of visual learning to make day-to-day Family life easier and more peaceful. And we love design! With this combo, we set on a mission to “bring visual motivation to everyday life.” Here is our story. 

Being a parent is the hardest and most rewarding job in the world. And every parent I’ve talked to aspires to do a good job – to be loving, supportive, present and patient; to be good communicators, and good role models, all while boosting our children’s confidence. Every single parent I’ve talked to struggles at times. Some of the most trying situations throughout the day are encountered during the mornings, evenings, and transition periods. Oh, how many times I have reflected on how things could have gone differently had I been better organized. There are many times I’ve looked back and wished I had not raised my voice to my children in the morning! 

As the Vymbol story shares, I first set out to find visual tools to support myself and my family with structure and routines in my home. But it was difficult to find anything that appealed to me and my family. So I began to do my own research and teamed up with Jeanette, our graphic designer, to create our own material. My family’s life was becoming more structured and peaceful.  I soon realized there were so many more parents out there who could benefit from the same help!

Research shows that our brains are wired to understand visual communication faster than verbal words. Visuals speak directly to our minds and hearts and quickly translates ambiguity into understanding.

“Motivation comes from within”, many say, but our visual mind can spur inspiration to create motivation. 

We hope our beautifully designed visuals will support your family and bring motivation, peace and JOY to your everyday life!

From the Vymbol team via Maline, mom and founder 


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