Summertime is such a great time to get a break from busy schedules and set routines,
and have a more relaxed time together.
Enjoy long, relaxed mornings, chilling in the afternoons,
friends coming over to play and planning small adventures.

Still, a couple of set routines can be helpful
to keep the focus on a few activities!

Here are a few tips on good summer routines:

A kind visual reminder to clean up things around the house every day.
Everyone liks a tidy home. It brings peace to our environment.
When everyone helps, the clean-up is quick and easy!

It’s a great routine to read books during the break.
Visit the library. Make it as a small adventure.
It helps to let the kids pick out some good books to read over the summer!

Summer breaks are about a lot of play! Today many kids are drawn to screen time,
and it can be helpful to support the plan for play. What do they want to play?
Who do they want to play with? Make time to create good relationships.


But most importantly; ENJOY your long light days with a smile!

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