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Sometimes you can’t always find the words to describe how you feel, this is especially true for our kids. Vymbol’s beautifully designed emotion poster features 16 different “emotion emojis” to help your child identify what it is that he/she is feeling while building their emotive language abilities. The poster comes in two variations, one with words and one without. Depending on your child’s needs, the poster with words names each emojis emotion, and the poster without words leaves it up to your child’s interpretation.


  • 21X30 cm /8¼x11¾ in
  • 30×40 cm / 11¾ x 15¾ in
  • 50×70 cm / 19¾ x 27½ in


How to use the emotion poster:
This poster is beneficial for the entire family. Hang it in an area where you are most likely to engage in family conversations.

Emoji-poster clean/without words: This poster encourages everyone in the family to talk about feelings. This is an excellent tool for building your child’s emotive vocabulary. The poster without words leaves it up to your interpretation to explore what emotion each emoji represents.

Engage: The poster is meant to inspire curiosity and conversations about emotions. It is a great tool to use when a situation arises in which your child is having difficulty expressing his/her emotions, and setting an example, and expressing and describing your own emotions. Ask your child to reflect on the different expressions – what do you think this one is feeling? How would you say you are feeling right now? Do you remember one time that you felt like “that”? You can also have fun by demonstrating different feelings with your whole body. Make it fun and use positive praise while being open to personal interpretations of the expressions – there is no such thing as a correct or incorrect interpretation.

Why? When children can identify, express, and explain their own feelings it develops their ability to recognize these same emotions in others. Our emotions poster builds vocabulary to discuss feelings and supports your child in his/her development of self-expression and empathy.

ALTERNATIVE PRODUCT Check out Emoji poster with words

You can also check out our poster frame with magnets that can be used to hang up our emotion posters and routine posters. The poster frame is made out of wood and can be used with two different posters facing forward and backwards, simply flip the poster back and forth between the two depending on your needs.


  • 21X30 cm / 8¼x11¾ in
  • 30×40 cm / 11¾ x 15¾ in
  • 50×70 cm / 19¾ x 27½ in

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21×30 cm / 8 ¼ x 11 ¾ inch, 30×40 cm / 11 ¾ x 15 ¾ inch, 50×70 cm/ 19 ¾ x 27 ½ inch

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