Evening routine cards by Vymbol



 6 cards feature pictures for the evening routines
 On the back of each card says “Well done”

Our small set of seven routine cards feature pictures for the evening routines. Our routine cards use visual cues to guide your child through the evening routines by means of a simple and easy to follow “do it myself” (or with some help) checklist.


How to use the routine cards:
Our routine cards help break down the plan into smaller visual steps so that it is more manageable for both parents and children. When one task is done, the child can check it off by turning the card around, the back side says “Well done”.

Prepare: Dinner time is a great time to discuss the upcoming evening routines and use the cards to clearly communicate your expectations to your child.

Remind: Present the visuals as a checklist and review what each picture represents.

Engage: Be sure to use lots of encouragement as your child tackles and completes each task! Your little one will be excited to show you their accomplishments – share in their joy and pride as they master these new skills!

Our kids have the tendency to not realize just how tired they are at the end of the day, and it is often difficult for them to focus. Visual cues help children to breakdown seemingly daunting tasks into smaller, more manageable components. As your child becomes more hands-on with their own routines, you can take a step back and proudly watch their accomplishments.

6 laminated cards with rounded corners (card size: 9,5×7 cm / 3,5×2,8 in)


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