Poster frame with magnet fastening


Hang your Vymbol pictures and posters anywhere with our simple wooden frame. Place the poster between the wooden lists and connect them together with the embedded magnets. Screw the loops into the top list and place the leather strap through the loops. Tie a knot with the leather strap. Now you’re ready to hang your framed Vymbol picture or poster!

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Use the poster frame to hang up our routine posters and emotion posters.

Size: A4 (8,7 in) and A3 (12,2 in)
Color: White and black
Material: Wood
Additional items: 2 magnets, leather strap

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Strong magnets clamp the prints in place in a few seconds. Just open and separate the wooden lists. The poster frame has 4 wooden strips with embedded magnets, two top pieces, and two bottom pieces. Position the poster on top of the back frame, and close with the front frame. The magnetic strips clamp the top and bottom of the poster.

Tip! Clip TWO different routine posters facing forward and backward, simply flip the frame back and forth between the two depending on your needs, for example between your morning routine and evening routine.

Mix between Morning, After Noon, Evening routine, and, Good night posters. Check out the package deal with two routine posters + 1 magnetic poster frame.



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A4 (8,7 in), A3 (12,2 in)


White, Black


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